Story and Gameplay

In future times, a subatomic experiment has gone wrong, resulting in an overwhelming devastation of the earth. One year later, the fragmented planet has been classified condemned, meaning that every freeloading scum in the universe has the right to raid the dead system - the future has become forsaken. There are tons of gold locked under the surface, if you can get it, your own fast food restaurant on mars is not a vision anymore.. But careful, nuclear radiation is not the only threat, other pilots like you will try to collect all the riches and are waiting for the chance to eliminate you as a rival..

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In singleplayer-mode, one fights against enemies with artificial intelligence (AI). There are several levels which have to be completed by the player. In order to complete a mission, different efforts must be made by the player such as finding the exit or activating triggers to open locked doors. The primary objective - as you might have guessed - is to destroy the enemies within a level. The enemies are static (turrets launching homing missiles etc.), move on a solid surface - but are still affected by gravity - (tanks, mechs etc.) and fly freely around as the player himself (helicopter-like vehicles).

The levels are challenging, but much more linear than in Descent, newbies will not lose orientation too often.

There is a total of 15 levels that have to be completed - sometimes within a certain time - and not too seldom include a huge end-boss who can endure quite some hits.
Within the levels you should especially watch out for two sorts of pickups: Crystals and Gold Bars. There is one crystal hidden in each of the levels and you have to find ALL of them to access the secret level "Tloloc Temple". Once you have completed Tloloc Temple you are rewarded with the secret biker: "flygirl". You can download the individual save games if you have not managed to find all crystals, or failed to complete Tloloc Temple.
Collect all the gold bars you can find, for you will gain an extra life with every ten gold bars collected.


  Difficulty / Versions

You can choose from four different modes: easy, normal, hard and total mayhem. While quite a few have completed the game on hard, only few ever succeeded in total mayhem without cheating. Higher difficulty basically means stronger enemies, less ammo and more pain ;)
Some time after the game was released, Acclaim provided the gamers with two patches which both decreased the difficulty of the game dramatically (50%). However, your old save games will not work once you have applied the patch. To learn more about patches and versions, check out the

Need help completing the game? Try DragonFire's Forsaken Walkthrough or check out the Hints & Tactics on this site.



Type these cheats at any menu
BUBBLEScheat mode ON
is there a cheater in the house??
THEFULLMONTYenables free level select
LUMBERJACKspecial mug and solaris missiles
JIMBEAM2 special laser-types

Read more about cheating in the help/misc-info section.