Press Talk

"This oughta be one fantastic multiplayer game."
PSXtreme Online July 1997

"Lighting effects for both the 3Dfx and PlayStation® versions of the game are stunning. . . When a game looks this good, you've just got to give it a try!
Ultra Game Players July 1997

"Unlike Descent, there is more gameplay in Forsaken than simply shooting a few robots."
Ultra Game Players July 1997

"Its a 3D shooter/maze game with stunning graphics that run at a remarkable 60 frames per second."
GameSpot June 1997

"Forsaken, the 3D space shooter that takes everything Descent had and improves on it, is looking good for Nintendo 64. Boasting an advanced 3D engine that rivals the best out there, Forsaken brings home fast paced, cutting edge gameplay mixed with eye-popping visuals in a 360 degree 3D world." June 1997

"Leading Acclaim's sizzling line-up is Forsaken, a 3D shooter that plays like Descent, only looks much better." June 1997

"Forsaken's 3-D rendered graphics and breakneck speeds will amaze and intrigue gamers." June 1997

"With it's 8 player network support, 3Dfx support, and a vast array of weapons, this game was our addiction throughout Saturday (at E3)"
Reader's E3 Picks, Next Gen Online

"Forsaken's exquisite 3-D rendered graphics and stunningly smooth vehicle movement will amaze and intrigue gamers."
Nintendojo Online June 1997

"From what we could tell, this game is gonna be hot"
Ultra Game Players June 1997

"The market is ripe for a decent 360 degree corridor shooter right now. And hey, wouldn't you know it, those busy beavers over at Probe (Acclaim) have been working on just that."
GameFan Online May 1997

"Forsaken has the words 'potential' and 'hit' stamped all over it."
GameFan Online May 1997

"A stunning 360 degree shooter that features complex 3D environments, spectacular lighting effects, and plenty of blood - all at a constant 60 fps!"
GameFan Online May 1997

"This game is the one that wowed us the most."
Game Informer Online May 1997

"(Forsaken) features incredible graphics and sweet new weapons."
Game Informer Online May 1997

"Early shots of the accelerated graphics look excellent."
Next Generation Online May 1997