Step-by-Step Guide to Installing and configuring Forsaken for the first time:

  Installing the game:


N.B. You must enable your software and/or hardware firewall (e.g. Router) ports to play Internet games, if you have not already done so.

  Setting up the controls:


1. Launch Forsaken


2. Enter the Setup Biker menu

2.1 Select Bike

2.2 Select New Player - enter your chosen name

2.3 Select Change Bike - select chosen bike (all bikes perform the same in the multiplayer so it is only a preference for looks)

2.4 Exit to Setup Biker menu




3. Enter the Controls menu


3.1 Configure mouse and joystick/pad as appropriate (including to invert x and y axis)

3.2 Configure Keys + Buttons - Press the Delete key on each of the pre-existing configurations and then press enter and then the desired key for that operation

3.3 Exit to Setup Biker menu


4. Enter Weapons menu


4.1 As above for Keys + Buttons for primary and secondary weapon keys.




You can edit the config file (.cfg) as a text document in your favourite text editor (e.g. notepad).
To do this simply go to the installation folder:

C:\Program Files\Acclaim Entertainment\Forsaken\

Then right click on the file... [PlayerName].cfg and select "Open"; choose "Select the program from a list"; click "OK"; choose your text edtior and then click "OK".

The setting AUTOLEVEL is a number in the range 0-1. A higher value results in the bike correcting it's horizontal alignment automatically at a faster rate. A value of 0 disables this feature.

MACRO1, 2 and 3 are the predefined taunt keys displayed in multiplayer games by pressing F9, F10 and F11 respectively. You can edit these from within the game by pressing shift+ the desired taunt key.

Having problems producing a key configuration?

Download the sample keyboard & mouse configuration from the files section. To install, simply place the .cfg file into the Forsaken directory (as specified in step 2 above). Then to use this config, switch to the player named 'key-mouse' from within the Setup Biker menu -- and don't forget to rename it to your own!

General tips for key configurations:

If you are used to playing a first-person-shooter such as Quake or Unreal Tournament then choose a similar configuration. The main keys you must have selected, and within easy and comfortable reach for frequent use are:

Quick Tip: Remember to delete any pre-existing keys that you will not use. This will prevent them conflicting later on as you can have multiple keys assigned to different tasks. e.g. "w" may be assigned to slide left and to slide up - thus double chording you north-west with a single key press.

Additionally, you could set up change weapons by using your mouse's scroll button. For example, scroll up could cycle through primary weapons; scroll down could cycle through secondary weapons and pressing the scroll down could be to lay mines.

Quick Tip: Double chording (i.e. moving in two directions simultaneously (e.g. forward and slide left)) increases the speed at which you move. Triple chording (i.e. moving in three directions simultaneously (e.g. forward, slide left, and slide up)) increases the speed at which you move even more (approximately 1.7x the speed of just moving forward!)

Don't worry about setting up roll keys or using auto-leveling off until you have become comfortable with the basics.

  Additional Information:


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Note the following keys of use during a multiplayer game:

Press Enter to talk during the game;

Press Escape to bring up a menu including to exit the game and to change key configurations and screen resolution/settings

Press F5 To Show the missile/mine camera (must be done at the start of every new game)