Forsaken (tm) was released in May 1998.
It was developed by Probe Entertainment (UK) who commenced work in December 1995 and later distributed by
Acclaim Entertainment (USA).

The game is based on a 3D-engine that allows unlimited 360-degree movements. This concept is similar to the descent series, yet forsaken is not just another descent-clone, in fact the developers did a good job in creating a world of its own with superior effects and game-play.


game typeDescent-like 360-degree-3Dshooter
hardware-requirements (min.): P166 / P133 with 3D acc.
recommended hardware equipment: P233
number of players (max.):16
difficulty level:4 types: easy, normal, hard, total mayhem
cheats:available in single player only
rewards (single player):1 secret level / secret bike (fly girl)
special features:textures/sounds in *.bmp/*.wav -format


  Different Game Modes

Basically you have two modes to choose from: Single player and Multi player.
It is most helpful to complete the game on single player first or to at leas gather some experience by fighting against the computer controlled vehicles. On the other hand, if you do not like single player mode, playing the game against other human pilots might be an amazing new world for you. All in all the two game modes are pretty different, resulting in individual strategies for each mode.

If you did well in single player and want to survive in death match, or if you cannot complete a level, you may want to check out the hints and tactics section.

You should be aware that it will take some time until you really master the game. However don't give up too soon and you will notice how much fun it can be!