What does TIC mean?

TIC stands for Transpulse, Invisibility and Chaos Shield. Most often you will see games stating No TIC, this is because they are regarded as unfair weapons/pick ups and in the case of Transpulse makes the game more laggy.

Transpulse is regarded as unfair because of its homing capability: Once it hits a wall/ceiling/floor it homes in on the place where your opponent is when you fire the shot. Therefore you can easily hit other players even if there is lag. Also Transpulse's homing capability means that the player does not have to have any decent aim, he/she just fires into the general direction of his/her opponent.

Invisibility is regarded as unfair because it makes the player invisible for 60 seconds,

Chaos shield is also regarded as unfair: It renders the player invulnerable for 30 seconds from all weapon hits except the Scatter, and if the player has the Scatter as well as the Chaos shield he/she is completely invulnerable.

Moreover, both the Invisibility and Chaos Shield are deemed unfair because they reduce the skill involved in the game by over-emphasising the luck factor in finding pick-ups over the skill of the opponent.

To read more about this issue check the info/misc. - section

Are the new levels worth downloading?

There are only few in the online community who actually play the new levels. This is because many people find that most of the new levels are too big for Internet play. The most popular new levels include FourBall, TwoRooms, Ians, Smalls and Astro.

What is that 'fly' shaped bike I just saw in the game and how do I get to use it?

The bike that is shaped like a fly is called FlyGirl. FlyGirl is the 'secret' biker that is available to you to use in singleplayer and multiplayer once you complete singleplayer on at least 'normal' difficulty setting and have collected all the crystals along the way.

See Links for DragonSlayer's Singleplayer Walkthrough.

There are two other ways to gain access to the FlyGirl bike, either download a player's config who has access to FlyGirl or download a save game file which places you right at the very end of the game with all the crystals.

See Files-Section for save game files.

Please don't use the FlyGirl bike in multiplayer because, although she has cool voices in the game, she has the ability to 'cloak' and becomes virtually impossible to see at random times throughout a game. Although there is a patch that makes the bike light up making her clearly visible, not everyone has this patch.

See Files-Section for the FlyGirl Bright Modifier.


How can I see my bike in the game?

One way to do it is the mine/missile-view. Hit F5 in game to activate it, then lay a mine, preferably a pine mine for then the mine view is static. When you pass that mine you should see your bike in the view. However this is quite unsatisfying since you do not see the bike on full screen. To view your bike as others see it in the game, just start a multiplayer game with the setting Record Demo: ON. When you replay the demo you can select, which bikers view you want to use when you playback the game. You can then see your bike from any other player's point of view. This might still not be as you would like to have it, for the other players keep moving or at least do not always have your bike in their field of view - at least if it was a regular deathmatch.
In this situation simply select to view player 16 from the watch player option by hitting the right arrow key and you will be able to fly around the level and see the game from a free-cam view.

[Note: If you switch view during the game you will not be able to switch back to player 16 view. It can only be selected before demo playback has started.]

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How do I get rid of those annoying splash screens when launching the game?

Simply delete the Splash folder (located:
...\Acclaim Entertainment\Forsaken\Data\) Alternatively, if you don't wish to delete the entire contents of the folder then locate and delete probe.dmo and acclaim.dmo from inside the Splash folder.