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"Reach out and touch, it doesn't get much better. Applicable adjectives are many and varied, so consult your thesaurus for'staggering', 'astounding', 'liquid', 'televisual', and probably'visceral', whatever that means. Alternatively, simply try 'unbe-freaking-lievable'. And all as smooth as an eel. Developers Probe have created an engine. Nobody in the real world knows what an engine is, but theirs is great, and they're not letting anyone else have it. And who can blame them? It's a beautiful thing, making Forsaken arguably the slickest, best-looking game ever to grace the PC. Hateful marketing skunks often bandy about glib phrases such as 'total immersion,' but when you find yourself reeling back in your leather swivel chair and cursing aloud in amazement, there has to be something going on."

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